In 2010, we started mobile sales as ANADOLU ☆ KEBAB and in 2012 we established KALIBER Co., Ltd. We are developing a wide range of business such as importing and selling cooking utensils and manufacturing and selling foods.

In 2017, we received halal certification for our products and started selling halal food as HALAL TOKYO-storehouse.
We have a variety of rare ingredients to meet the needs of a wide range of customers. It is also possible to purchase the product smoothly even if you do not come to the store because I started the sale of the net together. We also have a tax-free counter in our store, so please come and visit our Japan memories.


We do management of restaurants and grocery stores, Kaliber has always the right idea for the right project.

Professional at production and sales of Turkish cuisine for several years, our customer trust Kaliber because of the quality we provide.

Always hospitable mind! Regardless of customers in Japan and overseas, we will have a Japanese hospitality spirit and we will respond from the heart.

Always smile and laugh! We value the connection and trust with people and aim to improve the satisfaction of each one.

Always safety, safety, high quality! We will continue delivering higher quality, not to mention delivering with more than a certain quality.

Always thinking company! I will consider how it relates to society as well as profit pursuit and how to be a useful company.

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